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Mom’s feeling sleepy. So I told her I’d write for her today. She does make a song and dance about no one doing guest posts on her blog. Then what am I there for, she rightly asks. Good question, mom! I’d hate it too if someone else offered to bark at the pesky cats of the neighborhood.

This is not the first time I have come to mom’s rescue. I have also written a cat tale for her once upon a time. So yeah, mom lets me write for her. But before I did that, she let the kingfisher and tailor bird write for her. I registered a formal protest with her about it. Heck, mom, not those birdbrains!

In her defense though, mom says I was still young at the time and very Marley-sque in nature. She could not entrust such a weighty matter to a dog that tore around at top speed, toppling people even, and chewing up everything in sight. She’s right of course. Mom always is, by the way. I remember those days when I was a wild one. I chewed up my dad’s spectacles. And then I was sure the sofa held some valuable treasure inside, so I tore it open, intrepid seeker that I am, littering the sitting room floor with chunks of colored sponge. But that’s all in the past now. Now I am mostly a good gal… umm more of a lazy gal.

About that picture of mine up there, the one where I have mud all over myself: Mom took it this morning after watering the plants. I had a good roll in the wet mud while she was busy. It felt so good. I was happily sauntering in behind her when she turned around and saw me. That look on her face! Uh-ho. The first thing she did was pick up her phone. I quickly plonked down in front of the refrigerator in the kitchen and sat quiet. A few pictures later, she put her phone aside and stood arms akimbo staring at me. Really?! her eyes asked. Wasn’t it yesterday that I gave you a bath? This second, she asked aloud.

What, mom? I asked her, all innocent. So I got a little dirty. It is no big deal. I was helping you with watering the plants, wasn’t I? She wasn’t buying it, I could tell by the look on her face. My mom’s sharp, you can’t fool her even if you tried. And if any of you think you have indeed fooled her, understand this you poor fools, it is because she wants you to think so. Yup, you can trust me on this one.

Yeah, I know, mom, I continued on a different route, wordlessly. I can do the eye-talking bit very effectively. Rolling in the mud didn’t particularly help you, I agree. I bet the plants loved it though. Poor things, what a boring life they lead! Day in and day out they stand in the same spot in their pots. I thought why not liven up their life a bit, you know. Besides you now have something to post on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram….

I saw her pick up her phone just then and knew I had hit the right note. 😉

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