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Hello there! I am Luci, not that I need any introduction on Momma’s blog. I am here instead of Mom since I found her sitting quite despondently as she hadn’t written a post for today. I told her not to worry, she could go and rest, that I’d  help her out by copying an old guest-post I had done for a dog pal some time back. Here comes Luci to Mom’s rescue! Read on people.

Woof woof!

Now that I have your attention, let me introduce myself. I am Luci the Labrador. Actually I have serious doubts as to what if anything I have left to write about myself. That’s the problem with having a blogger Mom who is always writing stuff about you on her blog. She has even opened a blog for me where she puts all of the pictures of me she clicks. That’s not all. Nowadays anything I do is broadcast live on Facebook as well. Jeez. With a Mom like her a dog can have no privacy. Anyways, now that I have the stage so to speak, let me tell you a little about myself.

I live with the two old fogeys (not doddering old, but old, if you know what I mean) I call Mom and Dad, who brought me home when I was just 5 weeks old. The very first day they took pity on me when I whimpered piteously, and let me sleep with them on their cozy bed. I learnt my first lesson that day, that I could wind them around my little paw and make them dance to my dTunes (That’s Doggy Tunes to the uninitiated). I went about doing just that, and boy did they dance or what! Good times don’t last too long. They soon cottoned on to what I was doing and went back to being strict parents. Sigh. But I overheard my brothers (who come on visits) tell Mom that she has not been half as good a disciplinarian parent to me as she had been to them. I tell you, I am so glad about that.

I have taken it upon myself to entertain Dad and Mom, and boy do I entertain or what?! I started off by chewing up everything in sight. One day I even chewed Dad’s spectacles to a fashionable new shape. But he was totally displeased with the effect. He made an overseas call to Mom, only to complain about me. Do you know what Mom said? “Why did you keep your glasses where she could reach them when you know she chews things up?” Well, my Mom is smart that way because Dad did not have an answer to that. I love ya Mom. But don’t think I don’t love my Dad. He is the only one I have to take care of me when my Mom packs her bags and goes off travelling. I love ya too Dad.

Other ways of amusing Dad and Mom included playing at digging and then going in and rolling on the clean sheets to get the muck off me, followed by making cute faces at them. I also jumped into any bucket I could find filled with water, promptly overturning it. Then I ran around the house madly, ears flapping, slipping and falling. Mom laughed so hard that she couldn’t ever take any pictures of me doing that. She even called up Dad every time, to tell him of what I did. But the sad thing is, she herself slipped and went sailing one day, when she stepped on the water I had splashed all around. I feel really bad about that. Poor Mom.

The best entertainment I could give Mom and Dad had been when I tore open the sofa and took out chunks of sponge from its insides. I bet they didn’t know what was stuffed inside the sofa. Innocent that I am, I thought the colored pieces of sponge would be a pretty sight for them to behold. Imagine my surprise when Mom walked out of the bedroom and stood staring, shocked. I knew I had blundered big time. And when Dad returned from office he was mighty pissed off too. He didn’t speak to Mom for two days. Poor Mom, again. It was not as if she was the one who destroyed the sofa. But I guess Moms everywhere get blamed for the misdemeanors of children.

One day I did something none of you dogs out there should ever do. It is dangerous for your health. I jumped into the rain water storage well without realizing it was deep, dark and dirty. I tried valiantly to stay afloat, but got tired pretty fast. Then luckily for me, Dad heard me, and came flying down the stairs to pull me out to safety. You are not going to believe what Mom did when she finally saw me. She ran back into the house even as I cried, “Mommaaa! Mommaa! I fell into the well!” Why do you think she did that? To get her camera of course and click pictures of grubby me!

Everyone decided quite early on that I was going to be just another Marley. You surely have heard of ‘Marley and Me’? But I have surprised them all by mellowing down. I was quite bored of playing the ‘I am a naughty dog’ role to entertain the old fogeys. Besides, I was growing older myself and wanted to relax and laze around. This ‘entertainment’ business is very tiring. Now all I do is dig a lot (when I have the energy), chase cats, and bark at random people walking on the road, also at auto rickshaws (how dare they take my Mom away?). The rest of the time I eat and sleep. By the way, did you know I help my Mom by spotting birds for her? I even fooled her into thinking a bird was nearby by playing with my toy that makes a ‘tweet tweet’ sound. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

That’s for now. Maybe I will write another post some other day. Till then, woof woof!
NaBloPoMo November 2014

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