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Lady! What do you mean you are feeling sleepy, and in addition have a headache, and so I gotta step in, and write the NaBloPoMo post for you today?! Have a heart, Lady. This is such short notice! Why didn’t you tell me yesterday? Or some time this morning. There was nothing much to do in the morning because it was raining so hard. I could have had some valuable time to think up something worthy of your blog. A bird is called bird-brained for nothing, Lady. We need more time to think up things to write than you. This is so very unfair of you, springing it on me at the very last minute.

Okay so may be the Kingfisher wrote a post for you in second. But I am no Kingfisher! I am just a tiny Tailor Bird as you well know. Anyways, it is my opinion that Mr. Kingfisher is nothing but a bally show-off. Imagine writing posts about eating worms. Yuck. I know for a fact that he grossed out a poor lady who was reading just as she was about to tuck into her breakfast.

Stop looking at me like that. I am not being a meanie talking about Mr. Know-it-all Kingfisher. Of course I am a wee bit pissed off because you gave him chance to write a guest post before me. Sniff sniff. And after I sang songs for you too, at the top of my voice, just outside your window. Of course I know Mr. Vivek wrote a post for you as well. But that doesn’t count. He is human, or at least I think he is, having not met him ever. I just assumed he is one. Anyways..

WHAT do I write, lady? Can I sneak a look at what Wiki has to say about us Tailor Birds? No?! Why-ever not?! You are hard on a poor birdie, Lady. How can I keep so much information in my wee little head? What do you mean it is about me, so I should be knowing all this stuff without peeking into Wikipedia? It is too complicated, Lady. Just listen to this:

We Tailor Birds are small birds belonging to the genus Orthotomus often placed in the Old World warbler family Sylviidae. However, recent research suggests we more likely belong in the Cisticolidae and we are treated as such in Del Hoyo et al. (2006). One species, the Mountain Tailorbird (and therefore also its sister species Rufous-headed Tailorbird), is actually closer to an old world warbler genus Cettia.

Ahh so your head is spinning just listening to this, in addition to aching? Just think of poor me with a tinier head than yours, trying to hold all that info inside? Okay, let me tell you instead how we Tailor Birds got our name. We make nests by sewing edges of leaves using plant fiber or spider web to make a cradle sort of thing and make a nest of grass in it. Nifty little tailors of Nature, that’s what we are. I bet even you didn’t know that. What?!! Show you my nest? Not on your life, dear Lady. No, way! I don’t want my chicks traumatized with your camera going click, click, not to mention that canine of yours who follows you around and barks in that ear-drum breaking voice. *shudder and shiver*

Err… ummm… Whaddya know, this is the extent of my knowledge about myself. And look what you have done. Now, I have got myself a roaring headache with all the tension of writing a post for you. Lady, this is the best I can do, publish it or not as you please. I gotta go take some well-needed rest. Be sure to add a good picture of mine! No funny business!

Toodle-oo till we meet next!

© Shail Mohan 

NaBloPoMo November 2013