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Spicy fried fish

When the children are home I don the hat of chef full time. The rest of the time of their visit goes in catching up. That leaves very little time for blogging (also the reason why this post is coming up late in the day). This time though it was just the First Born home for the weekend. So there was still time to put up hastily written posts over the last couple of days.

Most of us Mallus aka Malayalees (speakers of the Malayalam language) from state of Kerala are extremely fond of seafood. It is no different in our household. Of course, there are those years we spent in northern parts of India, moving from one army station to the next, when we weren’t yet so hooked on fish. But once back in Kerala, we got lured too. In the present, a day without fish is a sad day indeed as far as I am concerned.

I had stocked up on seafood well before the son reached. There was prawns, milk fish, and mahi mahi. Three days, three different recipes, was my plan. I have a couple of handwritten cookery books, as also cuttings from various magazines collected over the years and kept in folders. Imagine, there was a time when I used to read my cookery books like people read short-stories! But nowadays, I choose to get recipes off the net because it’s a lot faster than thumbing through my collection which has no proper indexing.

If eating and chatting at home wasn’t enough, we went out to eat and chat some more. And that’s were I met this beautiful fish who looked like she stepped off the movie sets of Finding Dory. Look at those lines on her, her lipsticked lips and the face she’s making, the pout. There was a black and yellow fella running at full speed from one end to the other. Time did not permit me to make a video of him, but you can catch a glimpse of him as he swims past Ms. Painted Lady here. (Honestly speaking, I don’t know whether its a lady fish or not. so forgive me if I am wrong)

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