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Today morning I was woken up from sound sleep by a loud blaring sound coming in short intermittent spurts. A siren warning us of some calamity (Yes, I see too many disaster movies), or so I thought, my heart pounding uncontrollably fast. But it had only been the alarm on the L&M’s phone.

Don’t ask me people, I am as clueless as you just why the man needs to have an alarm loud enough to wake the dead, and more importantly, why this particular warning-of-grave-danger sort of ringtone?

As I looked out of the window and saw the still dark sky I almost burst into tears. Two more hours of could-have-been blissful sleep was irretrievably lost.

When it comes to sleep habits, the L&M is a rooster and I, an owl. It is the habit of roosters to wake up early in the morning. But even roosters need to stick to some sort of decorum when living with owls. The most important thing to remember is to never, under any circumstances, to go ‘COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOO!’ in an owl’s ear when it is deep in sleep after a late night. Doubly so in the case of an insomniac owl. (I concede that technically it was the rooster’s alarm which went ‘COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!’ not the rooster itself, but you know what I mean)

The result is that the owl aka me, woke up all tired and morose, like a zombie with scores to settle with the world in general and roosters in particular. But that was only till I had my morning cuppa. Once the tea was drunk, all of a sudden the sun shone, the flowers bloomed, the birds started singing and the zombie with scores to settle had turned to an angel ready to serve, at everyone’s beck and call.

Tea, though, is a temporary solution to the matter. The permanent one is to get my hands on the L&M’s phone and deactivate the alarm. Or if that doesn’t work to filch the damn thing and throw it into the rain water well that Luci fell into. Ha, that certainly seems like the best scheme. (Omg, look at what am I saying! Seems like the effects of the first cup of tea has worn off. I better go and have another cup before I do something rash!) 😉

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