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Sun: (impatiently) Move aside, Cloud! Let me shine.
Cloud: (raises brows) Excuse me Sun, the nerve! This is still the month of Karkitakam, you know, and I rule.
Sun: Mebbe. Mebbe so. But I heard the weather guys say today is partially sunny… Oh wait, I think it was partially cloudy. Umm… Whatever. Either way I gotta shine.
Cloud: (looks at Sun with incredulity writ large over face) You Sun gotta be the king them of all. Let me make a guess here. You like, ‘believed’ them, right?
Sun: Well…
Cloud: I knew it! Bwahahahaha. Sun, you fool, vamoose. You are now INTRUDING ON MY TURF AND I WON’T HAVE IT.
Sun: (in a small but firm voice) But…. Shail has washed the sheets and put them out to dry. The neighborly thing to do would be….
Cloud: Neighborly? What the heck! You are like 149.6 million km from her and… Hey!!! What did you just say?
Sun: The neighborly thing would be to help. You didn’t let me complete.
Cloud: No, before that.
Sun: That Shail has washed the sheets and put them out to…?
Cloud: (cuts him off and calls out to the minion clouds scattered around idling their time) Hey guys and gals, I mean Friends, Romans, Clouds!! Why Romans? Where did they come from? Never mind. LISTEN! Stop loitering and gather around pronto. Time for action, minions mine. Just follow my lead. Okay? And you Breeze, better start blowing. Make it real cool and nice like, you know…
Sun: What are you going to do, Cloud? No, no, NO, Breeze, don’t help him, push them all away. Far, far away. I am telling you, I gotta shine today!
Cloud: Sayonara, Sun. I have work to do, an army to lead, places to flood.
Sun: Wha….? Get away from my face you fluffy menacing blobs… Hey! I can’t see anything. Cloud? Cloud?!!! Let me shine na. Please, pretty please?!!!
Cloud: (chuckling) No way. Today is OURS. We are going to make it happen. Here goes. 3. 2. 1. ACTION!