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The raindrop necklace

The whatchamacallits, Google and Facebook, not to mention OnePlus, are all in this together. ‘Rain, rain!’ they holler as one in much the same manner of the boy who cried ‘Wolf, wolf!’  There WAS no wolf, there IS no rain. What do they mean deceiving me in this manner? Facebook even has the cheek to suggest: ‘Keep your umbrella ready, Shail. It’s going to rain in your city tomorrow!’ Gah! My umbrella is gathering dust, but of rain there is no sign yet.

Clouds gather every single day with much fanfare. They

This I wrote a month back and did not complete owing to having been too busy and/or umm… lazy.  It all depends on the way you look at it. In my defense for my tardiness I have this to add that it had been too damn hot and sticky to even form a sentence.

All that has changed since the past couple of weeks. The sky has given us of its bounty. The earth’s thirst is quenched – or is in the process of being quenched, since it needs more than a few days of rain to give of its best. The trees and plants sport a squeaky clean look. Some have sprouted new leaves, others have adorned themselves with flowers.  The birds and butterflies are a happy lot. They are out when there’s a respite in the rain making the most of the sunlight.

Those sunny interludes to rain! There’s something wonderful, breathtakingly so, about them that makes you want to sing …and dance. The sky looks such a pristine blue, the breeze so gentle and wonderful, filled with the happy murmurings of trees. There’s a kite flying high in the sky, and then another joins. I simply can’t get enough of it. In the midst of all this there’s the mundane chore of drying clothes, something that keeps you on your toes, because as soon as the sky darkens, they have to be taken in. But, who’s complaining? Not me!


A wet Rufous Treepie family

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