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There is something that gives me that feeling of warm glow inside. Not it is not music. True, music makes me incredibly happy. Yup, even the sad songs, which is why I get annoyed with people who ask me why I am not listening to peppy numbers, whether I am feeling down in the dumps. Gawd. Give me a break. People can be such bores at times.

Anyway, to repeat myself, music makes me incredibly happy.  Rain makes me ecstatic. Birds and butterflies thrill me no end. And Luci? She cheers me up, makes me laugh from my heart. I only have to look at her face and joy fills my being. But that glow of warmth emanating from within I mentioned comes from only one thing and that’s when I have written something satisfactory. Satisfactory to myself, let me hasten to add because what’s food for one may easily be poison for another. Not my own, in case you were wondering.

So, yeah. That’s how writing a post makes me feel. Then pray, why am I not doing it more often? Ahem, all that’s about to change this month. It is February and time to ramble all month. There’s a change in program as it were, this time around. No #MicroblogMondays, no #ThursdayTales, No #FotoFridays this month. I am giving them all a go by. The month is going to be devoted exclusively to rambling on whatever comes to mind, which it should have been all along right from the beginning, but wasn’t. Better late than never and all that, right?

So the rambling prose might go hither, thither and everywhere, and yet nowhere in particular (like it says in the bio), or sometimes it might simply take detours only to come around and make straight for the destination it had in mind all along. It’s going to be fun (for me at least, no idea about the poor readers), for I have no idea what to expect and am looking forward to being led by me-own-self. I simply can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Here’s to February, the month of ramblings at Shail’s Nest!

©Shail Mohan 2018