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Ominous clouds with threatening arms

shovel light

into dark folds of flowing robes

and in unspoken solidarity

stand close together

holding the sun a prisoner

In the spreading gloom

leaves nervously chatter

of doom

and (maybe) of life hereafter.

The libertine breeze, the prankster

ruffles treetops

swoops low to teasingly tickle

and in new found familiarity

dares to kiss

and cuddle

the startled trees

who duck in mock annoyance

swaying this way and that

making leaves quiver and whisper…

The day is somber gray,

the brightness stashed away

Yet… an ineffable elation

unfurls from my heart

like a peacock its feathers

in colorful splendor

dancing with joy and abandon

when the rain clouds appear…

The indescribable joy spreads

bestowing new litheness to each cell

I am grace, I am elegance.

And then ….the rain drops fall

Caressing as they drench

Quenching an eternal thirst

I am stillness, I am motion

I am fluid, I long to flow,

moving to his rhythm….

I am the joyous peacock

for the dark cloud

In his benevolence

I dance in ecstasy

We are ecstasy.

– Shail Mohan (May 2011)

I had put up a status message on Facebook a few days back : “Guess who makes me indescribably happy… always, any time, anywhere??!! Who makes the inner me dance in joy that the outer me cannot but in reply respond??!! :)”
I got quite a few interesting replies too, that ranged from Pepper the Kitteh, to the L & M, books, gulab jamuns et al. But no one asked the question like Vivek did, ” Reminds me of a childhood game.. Thing or Person?” Anyway, this poem above is my answer 🙂
Umm… I confess, yes, there is one more thing that never fails to lift my spirits high and let it soar, bringing me much joy. That is what my next post will be about. Errr…. any guesses??! 😉