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Common Emigrant

It’s a mystery to me just how time flies each day not leaving me enough to tend to my blog.  Umm… well, I do know that there’s only so much of it each day and in recent times it has mostly been spent doing things other than blogging.. Not that I am unhappy about it. Those other things were also ‘happy’ things that I was glad to be doing.  But still, one loves from time to time to have more of time to do some writing. From where I am standing it looks to me (for the time being at least!), November is that month.

I am done with things for the year, and can sit back and relax. I have been to visit the Second Born, went sightseeing (and shopping) with him, met friends, spent hours at the airport waiting for a flight that got delayed due to bad weather, had the First Born and the Daughter-in-Law over for a long weekend… fun times, indeed. But this was just the previous month, what about the months that came before?

The L&M helpfully pointed out the other day that the whole year has been a busy one for me, I have not made as many trips in a single year as I have in 2017.  Yay, to that! It is no mystery that HE hates travel and has accompanied me on only one of those. Come to think of it, we are the most-unlike-of-peas-in-a-pod when it comes to packing our bags and stepping out. He’d rather stay put, I’d rather go out. We have found an excellent solution to this dilemma: He stays put and I go out.

It is not necessary that couples do everything together. If life has taught me one thing (too late, I tell ya) it is this that no two people are alike or have similar interests. If you do, well and good, enjoy. If not, follow your interests separately, on your own, and make the best of the rest of the time together. There is nothing worse than having a cranky person along who hates travel, ask me, I should know! 😉

Note: The picture of the butterfly has nothing to do with the post except for the fact that it flies too, like time 😉

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