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Last week I was in one of the shops at the mall, waiting to try out a couple of tops when I noticed something and laughed out. I was in a navy blue top with tiny flowers in different colors all over it and in my hands were two navy blue tops too, one with tiny white dots and the other with light blue and white pattern all over.

Anyone seeing me would have concluded that I was a huge fan of navy blue. Nothing of the sort really since I like ALL colors and usually look to choose something different, a color that I do not already have, whenever I shop and yet there it was, a navy blue fest!

This brought to mind something else.

I love people watching and one thing I have noticed about families (with small children) is that they all seem to be dressed in shades of the same color. Well, if not all, at least the mother and children, or else the father and children, will be in similar colors. It often has had me speculating just whose favorite the predominant color could be.

Have any of you noticed anything of the sort?

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