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Luci spying on me to find out what I am ordering on Amazon

Luci‘s birthday is coming up and I have not yet decided what to give her.  Well, I KNOW what I am going to give her, squeaky toys and treats, but I am yet to zero in on one that she’d love but can do least damage to. The rounder the toy, the better the chances of its survival. If it has protruding parts in the form of ears, tails et al, she will chew them off when I am not looking and then it will no longer squeak. No squeak, no fun.  Mostly for Mom, that is. Luci is Luci and will faithfully carry her toy around even when its down and out and just a piece of toy-that-once-was.

It’s a miracle that the one I got her a month back still survives intact. Usually the softer toys are attacked with gusto, the stuffing pulled out and littered all around. Perhaps she is mellowing down. Or may be she remembers that I yelled ‘No!’ at her when she’d sunk her teeth in the very day I brought it. She has been giving me looks that seemed to say if-he-is-so-dear-to-you-you-can-keep-him-mommeee. So Mr. Hedgehog is still very blue (not that hedgehogs are blue, though this one IS in my favorite shade of blue), and looks very hedgehog-sy to this day.


Luci and Mr. Hedgehog

As for the upcoming birthday next month, the competition is on between a green frog and a cat, also green in color.  The cat, it appears is all natural and eco-friendly (everything is these days, *yawn*) and better suited for a dog who likes dismembering her toys as soon as she can get away with it.  But the frog is sturdier and can withstand a good amount of rough and tumble. Hmm… May the best toy win.

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