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I have found that I differ from the majority in one important matter. Our willingness to follow/break rules are opposite to each other.

The majority consists of those who do things because they believe (with no proof whatsoever) that’s how it has been done for centuries. It’s our tradition, they’ll say. Our ancient culture.  They’ll cheerfully and willingly accept every stricture imposed, follow complicated rituals whose origin and/or efficacy is still in the realm of fairy tales only because, well… that’s how it was done once upon a time.  Not eating meat on certain days, fasting, marrying off children within caste/religion, not touching something or someone, not looking this way or that, and lots and lots more on similar lines are taken to ridiculous heights.

As for me: That things have been practiced for eons is not good enough reason for me that they be considered sacred and followed to the letter. (From About Moi). So, I question, raise my eyebrows, stick my tongue out, and at other times dig my feet in and plain refuse to follow without reason.  On the other-hand, I try my best to follow the rule of law of the present times, you know, like those laid out to make life easier for everyone concerned, the traffic rules for example.

But interestingly, the same people who are such sticklers when it comes to tradition and culture will not think twice before breaking (or at the least bending) the present rule of law to suit them. They’ll jump queues, bribe government officials to get an out of turn favor (or to ignore safety standards), violate traffic rules blithely endangering the public, ignore signboards, and what’s more, and this is what makes me REALLY ANGRY, they’ll BRAG about their wrongdoings as if by taking these shortcuts they have achieved something really great.

No, you Addle-pated Lumps of Anthracite (Thank you, Capt Haddock!), let me take this opportunity to tell you, NO, you definitely aren’t anything great. And those of you who look at them with envy and try to emulate them, you are equally stupid. Phew. That’s a load off my chest.

©Shail Mohan 2017