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Who’d have thunk buying a boring black-frame for my prescription glasses would have me pulling out handfuls of hair every now and then?! When I saw the plain black frame all I thought was, “Yep, I’ll take that. It’s nice and plain and well… boring. It will do.” I had no inkling of the troubles, naah, that should be singular and read THE TROUBLE, that awaited me.

From the time I got it home, the whatchamacallit glasses of mine started off on camouflaging itself expertly, and excellently, wherever I left it – on the bedspread with the black, white and brown design, next to where the wires lay tangled on the side table, on top of a magazine, on the black granite kitchen slab, you name it. Each time it happened, I wasted precious seconds, minutes even, looking for something that was right beneath my nose.  Frustrating, I tell you.

What I need is a ringtone for my glasses, or a beeper, or a vibration mode at the least, never mind that I use none of these for my phone itself and always keep it on silent mode, but spectacles don’t fall in the same category as phones. You need them for that all important activity, R.E.A.D.I.N.G.

So, having learnt a lesson, what I am going to do next time is buy a frame for my glasses in umm… neon colors, ruby red, or fuchsia pink, maybe electric blue, canary yellow, or lime green, or perhaps I’ll just settle for one in rainbow colors with glitter added. Let them spectacles try and hide from me after that, ha!

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