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– a 55 word story

The man was standing at the corner.
Before she could blink he had exposed himself.
Shocked she hurried home and related with revulsion what had happened.
Confused and in pain she looked at her mother.
“Why did you look at him, you dirty girl!”
She learnt: Don’t talk about your experiences to elders.


To the grown ups: Your anger and frustration at the world and life is understandable.  But remember not to take it out on your children. The evils of the world your children may chance upon were not put there by them, but by your own generation and the generations that came before. Don’t hold the children responsible for it. I have seen, still see, parents shouting at children because they themselves are scared, confused or angry about situations over which they don’t have control. The best thing, if shout you must, is to go look in the mirror and shout at your own self.  Why alienate children for no fault of theirs?