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A couple of months back, I made a pact with my Fitbit Flex, rather rashly I must say, that I’d sleep by 23:30 hours. Kind of a funny thing for a night owl to do. Still, there you have it, I went and committed to something knowing fully well how tough it was to keep my word, and what’s more, breaking it every single day since with ease.

Fitbit Flex though is unfazed at this recalcitrant attitude, and dutifully (maybe cheerfully too?) reminds me at around 23:00 hours, that I need to get ready for sleep. Half an hour is the time you need to unwind and let yourself be carried away by Sleep to dreamland, it announces. Of course when it says that Fitbit Flex is talking through its bally hat, that is, if it dons one.

I get so lost in the book I am reading that Sleep is simply not entertained on arrival and is kept waiting twiddling its thumbs. Fed up, most days Sleep has to finally clout me one on the head and drag me, kicking and screaming, to unceremoniously dump me in dreamland. My sympathies unquestionably are with both Fitbit Flex and Sleep, they have taken on an impossible task. 😉

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