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The other day I was holding the door open for my parents while coming out of the eye hospital where I had accompanied them. As soon as they walked out and before I could leave my hold on the door and follow them too, a young couple entered, and giving me just a cursory glance, walked through, as if I was the doorkeeper at my job and they the entitled-to-have-doors-held-open customers.

I am not a violent person by nature. But watching them carry on without so much as a backward glance of acknowledgement, let alone a ‘thank you’ (and also because this was the nth time it was happening to me), I wished I had let go my hold and the heavy glass door had smashed their sorry faces.

Recently I found myself holding the door open to first one then another and then a third set of people, all of whom filed through without a thought (and more were coming) till finally I stopped the next person hurrying through with a curt nod towards the door and then left my hold on it.

Since this has been happening fairly often with me, I have come to the conclusion there is an invisible sign on my forehead which says, ‘Door-Opener Lady’. Or may be I am invisible (though I cannot understand how that can come to be!) in which case I must try and shake things up a bit with a few tricks of my own 😉

©Shail Mohan 2017


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