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How would you feel when a postcard you sent to the littlest brother of your childhood friends turns up out of the blue after more than four decades?  Thrilled, right?

It was discovered by my friend quite by accident from among some old stuff lying around in his mother’s house, and he promptly took a picture and sent it across to me.

I have no memory of having written it though I do know I was an inveterate letter writer those days. But the names of the dog and cat mentioned in it places the postcard in a definitive time frame.

Pippy is the kitten I had to baby sit while Billa the mother went to answer nature’s calls. No kidding. She insisted, with incessant mewing, that I sit with her baby till she got back.

Of Loony I have fewer memories because I went off to boarding school soon after, suffice to say he was naughty. To think I wrote that Loony would chew the little one too. It was in jest alright, but I probably scared the poor feller very badly!

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