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A re-post for today from Words in verse

the line
it goes around, all the way
a full circle imprisoning

in each individual kingdom
with borders
souls languish
the land beyond, not theirs
(they are told)

tentative applications for a passport
severely scrutinized
mostly denied
visa requests
can never be made

one day
when the stars are aligned right
a one-way ticket finds its way into hands
dream of the great escape
make insides tremble
new places
new sights
new life
the excitement, palpable


the new is only the old
a different wrapping
a kingdom still
with borders secured
barbed wires
and walkie-talkie wielding alert patrol

transgressors are hunted
(same as before)
sacrificed at the altar of the Goddess
(same as before)
oh the irony
the incarcerated and the worshiped
one and the same

the great escape
a massive joke perpetuated
croaked by frogs in the well
(the well is a lovely place, join us)
and echoed by all

©Shail Mohan 2016

Day 22 NaBloPoMo 2016