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I don’t know when I started noticing birds, but somewhere along the line I did and then there was no looking back. I started seeing them everywhere I looked, I also looked for them everywhere I went.

The Second Born was mighty impressed by my bird-spotting capabilities. How did you notice it, Amma, he asked me one day when I showed him a tiny sunbird on the top branch of a tall tree, it is so very tiny!

I was rather surprised myself. I mean here I was, someone who uses ‘complicated’ glasses (according to the eye-doctor) but able to notice tiny birds on treetops without my glasses.

When you are a birdwatcher your eyes notice unusual movements in the foliage and then quickly pick out the winged wonders, however tiny they be or well camouflaged. Being observant of changes is all it takes to notice things that otherwise go unnoticed.

©Shail Mohan 2016


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