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I rarely do anything without giving it a LOT of thought, examining it from all sides and then, only then, making my choice. But there are times when I jump right in without a thought. Bundle of contradictions, that’s me. In fact I have written a story about someone who was called that. But that someone about whom I wrote is not this someone who is writing this. She, that is that someone, is only the product of this someone’s fertile imagination. But we have one thing in common: we are both bundles of contradiction.

Now if you are wondering why I am going on about that, this and bundles of contradiction among other things, it is because I have signed up for the November 2016 NaBloPoMo. I know it is rather reckless of me, with my plate being rather full at the time, with the contents liable to topple over any moment, to plunge headlong into a challenge that involves writing a post daily. OMG, will I be able to do it? Or will I be wiping the floor clean from all that stuff that has fallen off the full plate? Only time can tell. Anyways, isn’t that why it is called a challenge?

The fullness of the plate at the moment demands that the posts be short and ….ummm crisp? Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief? It can only be ‘short and crisp’ and not ‘short and sweet’ because as everyone already knows sweet is not my thing in more ways than one. So for the next thirty days, posts of the shorter and crisper kind (of hopefully, not more than 300 words) shall find its way here. Wish me luck, people.  Yup, thank you!

©Shail Mohan 2016

Day 1 NaBloPoMo 2016