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Do you see the way the White-cheeked Barbet above is looking intently at the tree stump as if for inspiration or may be answers? That is exactly how you’ll find me in between finishing a blog post and hitting the ‘publish’ button. The only difference is, I stare at the keyboard and not a tree stump.

Why, you may ask. Shouldn’t I be by rights doing a jig or something? Isn’t that the normal procedure when you have successfully completed a mission? A shriek of joy followed by ‘I did it, I did it, I did it!’ also suggests itself as suitable follow up action. The least anyone would expect will be a contented  smile and the soft click of the mouse to ‘publish’.

Ahh, but then little do you know about my travails of the title kind. 

Writing blog posts methinks, is itself easy-peasy, and if not really ‘peasy’, certainly easy enough. But coming up with titles? Oh no, no, no. Not so much at all.

I spend hours sitting, staring intently at the keyboard, much like the Barbet shown above, as if for inspiration of some sort to strike to come up with a suitable title. The keyboard though is of little help, my caressing fingers notwithstanding. It acts coy. And remains mute. If indeed it does have anything on offer it seems loathe to part with it. Still, I keep my fingers ready, and wait…. vainly.

Jokes apart, my problem is not a joking matter. I have spent more time on choosing titles than writing posts. Not that you would think so looking at some of the bland ones I have come up with. That happens because by then I am too sleepy (I do most of my writing late at night) to care and jot down the one that seems close enough.

Once I wrote a story and just couldn’t come up with a title. I asked a friend for help. I waited and waited and waited. Nothing. So in protest (I don’t think he even noticed it was a protest), I went ahead and posted it titled ‘Untitled story’ (it still remains untitled).

It is really bothersome, and silly, this inability to come up with appropriate titles to whatever I write. So tell me, do you have title travails like me or is it all smooth-sailing for you?

Β©Shail Mohan 2016

Day 2 NaBloPoMo 2016