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I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The 23rd in the list is a letter to ‘The last person you kissed’



Dear Last Person I Kissed,

Luciiiiiiii! Here I am at last, writing to you. Do you know, I have this huge grin plastered on my face just thinking about the time a few days back I tried taking a selfie with you to go with this letter. Of course I knew beforehand that you’d be the one I kissed last. We are always kissing each other. Aren’t we? And how disgusted is Dadda by that. Hehehe. But who cares? Not me. Neither do you, I am sure. In fact I know you are all for giving him a few kisses as well. Only thing is Dadda does not let you. His loss, baby. Forget it and come kiss me all you want. Aren’t you my darling Lucikins that I love so very very very verrrrrrrrrrry much.

You know what’s the best thing about you? I only have to look at you and my face breaks into a smile. You make me H.A.P.P.Y. What IS it about you that does that to me? The first thing I do every morning is laugh heartily and happily when you rush in to greet me. Then we spend some time going koochie koochie koo, with you trying your best to knock my nose out of shape with head butts. I tell you, what’s with you and Dadda and my poor pretty nose? *sniff sniff*

Anyways, after that, you get your milk and I have my tea and our day begins. Tell me dumbo, why do you rush to the door of the work area each and every time I open the door to it? Do you think the lizard you saw there like about 8 months back is still waiting for you to pounce on it? Then you check all your usual spots for intruders after which you are ready to rest, watching me make breakfast. Don’t think I don’t notice you eyeing the eggs I have made for myself. But when I make one for you, you walk away disdainfully. Such attitude.

That was one awesome cat-fight we watched this morning, right? You were rendered speechless, I noticed. Was it the fight itself or the fact that it was happening on the back wall of Your Royal Labrador Highness’ house, right in front of Her Eyes and under Her Nose? The audacity of the felines, eh? Or was it the drama that had your undivided attention, enough to immobilise you, with only the ends of your nose quivering. Yes, I saw that. It was so goddamn cute!

After a while (it was a longish fight), you slowly seated yourself to watch this rare scene, something you had only heard of all along but never ever got a chance to see for yourself, and that too at such close quarters. I was too busy enjoying the cat-fight as also you watching the cat-fight that I was loathe to give it up even for a few minutes and run upstairs to get the camera. And so is lost to posterity actions of one helluva interesting morning.

You know what happened yesterday? One of the residents of the area apparently asked another if my children have come down with their family for a visit. It was someone who hasn’t met me as yet, but just knows an elderly couple live in this house. The person who was asked the question replied that your brothers are bachelors still. “But, but….” the lady is supposed to have countered, “I heard her koochie kooing to a child!”

Now all including your Dadda are saying I have only myself to blame for this. They think it is something I oughta be ashamed of. A grown woman koochie-kooing to a dog! Like I care what others think. Ha, ha and ha. In my book things that are to be ashamed of include treachery, backstabbing, speaking ill of others, throwing waste where it shouldn’t be, lying, cheating, taking and giving bribes, making a scene after consuming liquor, being spiteful, rude, racist, sexist… The list is rather endless, so I will stop here. Having your neighbors hear you baby-talking to your dog does NOT fall in the being-ashamed category. So there.

Hey Luci Moosi, I have a surprise for you. Something has arrived for you by post, from Suranga Ma’am. Yup, with your name and all on the cover. Take a look.



And look what was inside. Tada!


Now you better thank Suranga Ma’am. A couple of woof-woofs would do the trick. No need to go high decibel and break her eardrums. Make it a soft one, okay? Yes, she is the same one that has immortalized you in verse after, verse, after verse. So you can add a couple of bow-wows for her too, in your best voice please. Probably you will want to kiss her, you being a kisser dog and all that, to show you appreciate her gesture. Wait till she comes down south and you can give her a kiss too, more if you prefer, you kissy gal.

Well, I can go on writing to you forever and ever and ever. But you’ll probably start snoring if I go on. So let’s have another round of the game we play, “By the Power of Greenboochi!” There goes the Greenboochi. Go get it gurl while I go hide behind the table.

Yeah, Momma is gone. Go find her.

With lots of love and kisses and hugs

Your Momma.

* * * * *

©Shail Mohan 2014