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Living with the L & M has forced me to learn a new lesson, to never, never ever let on (to him) that I find something or other too yum for words, for if I do, then he will, without fail, get it for me the very next time he is out of the house.

At this point I can almost see the raised eyebrows of some among the readers, also the baffled looks on the faces of others, not to mention the fingers of yet more going tap-tap on heads in the universal sign language that indicates someone or other (in this case, moi) is cuckoo. I mean has anyone, anyone at all, heard of someone complaining because the dear darling husband gets one what one likes? If you haven’t people, then let this be your first time.

So, as I was saying, the L & M gets me whatever I have been raving about, and then gets it again the next time, then again, and then once again, and again, and again…. till I positively hate the sight of the damn thing and start wondering why I liked it in the first place anyway. Chilli bhajjias, gulab jamuns are all now in my never-ever-want-to-have-it-again list and (I fear) the latest headed the same way is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk- Orange Peel bar, a liking for which I let slip inadvertently with my rapturous mmmm-ing.

Too much of a good thing is a very bad idea I have tried telling him time and again, but all of it falls on deaf ears. So nothing from now on but for me to tone down on those appreciative nods and the ‘this is so good-s’ that otherwise come so easily when I like something, and to keep my favorites a top secret. Shhhh….. 😉

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