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It was Luci’s birthday yesterday and though I had plans to bake a cake thought better of it and got a store bought one, which is what I find myself doing these days.

It was not always like this, I used to make cakes at home, though nothing fancy, just the simple ones. What’s more, by some coincidence, I inevitably ended up with the duty of making cakes at picnics or group gatherings too.

It was no different when the sons grew up, ‘Mom, my friends request that you make a cake for potluck tomorrow!” The demand was never for aloo, puri, chana, salads or anything else of the sort; it was cakes and nothing but cakes, and I happily obliged.

There was this little chap I knew some years back called Deju (I wonder where he is now!), a huge fan of mine at four, or possibly five years of age. He would refuse to eat the cakes his mother baked saying, ‘it doesn’t taste like the ones Mohan Aunty makes!’

Maybe that’s what I need, more Dejus, to start baking cakes again.

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