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Some time back my cousin (who sings, by the way, you can listen to a song sung by him and his daughter, my niece, here. His son, my most fav nephew, plays the violin and also sings. Yes, my extended family is full of musicians and singers) who keeps sharing awesome music from all over the world on his Facebook page, shared this awesome video called Waterfall (see below). I clicked to listen to it, and am still to recover from the magic spell it has cast on me. Immediately I googled and read up on the musician Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and his Mohana Veena. What can I say about someone who is the inventor of a musical instrument and creates such heartrendingly beautiful music? Nothing. The best (and wise) thing to do is shut up, and enjoy the music, which is exactly what I have been doing, buying up his music like crazy on iTunes. But so far Waterfall, the first one I heard, remains my favorite. Iptada and Journey Into Eternity competing for a close second.

I don’t know why this particular one is called ‘waterfall’ by the musician. To me it evokes totally different feelings. In my imagination I see a conversation between two long lost lovers. No words are spoken out loud. Their eyes meeting across the room do all the talking, silently expressing every nuance of feeling, laying bare their very soul to each other. Beginning with the joy of seeing each other after so long, followed by gentle reproaches for not writing or calling, it goes on to convey the misery of the days of loneliness, the weariness of not knowing, the waiting and the apologies, all punctuated by the happiness of having found each other once again. Finally only love remains and in the warmth of the cocoon it has woven, their souls dance together in abandon, while still seated across the room from each other.

I will write this story some day (it is not something that I can write in a hurry). So for now, this short version will have to do. Listen to the music and tell me, do you see what I see, or do you see a waterfall too, or have you got your own spin on it?