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Hello people!

We are the X-birds (Red-cheeked Bulbuls, but for today we are X-birds) and we have been called to the Lady’s rescue. Rescue her we will, come hail or sunshine. But what actually came was only a rain-storm that uprooted trees and cut electric cables disrupting power supply. In short, the lady is in no position to post for the A to Z Challenge today. We hurried over, on an emergency basis, as soon as we heard, so we could do the needful. So here we are, posing the X-way. And please don’t mind the crazy dog below. She, Luci is her name, always wants to be one up on us, birds. Gah. As if she can do a good enough X like us. She says she helped out her Mom with X in the photo challenge last year . Whatever! Since she butted in asking that she be featured, we let her, magnanimously, she being the Lady’s darling and all that. Not that we think much of a goofy dog getting stuck somewhere as a good enough representation of X or comparable to what we have come up with. But what the heck, we birds are generous. She can share the limelight.

And a message from the Lady. She hopes, she can be back among ye folk tomorrow. Pssst. Already twenty-four hours have gone by without power and the Lady is almost at the sticking-straw-into-hair stage. In case she does lose it and we have to shut her up in the loony-bin, rest assured we will send someone over to complete the challenge for her. After all, she is our dear friend.

A few good wishes sent her way, for the power to return as soon as possible, will not hurt.


Signing off

The X-birds