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I have some unfinished things to be done pending from last year. In fact, it had been my intention to do it first thing in 2013 before moving on to other things. But here I am in April still not having accomplished this simple task. TF of Lucifer House has tagged me (link). I am supposed to list a post of mine that fits the bill from each category mentioned. So here goes:

Category 1: Your most beautiful post: This is tricky. What exactly is meant by beautiful? I firmly believe beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Besides, how do you judge the beauty of a post? Is it the layout of the post or the beauty in the words it holds? But yea, friendship is a beautiful thing. So I will choose a post on my friend in this category: The Penguin from Antarctica.

Category 2: Your most popular post: There is no two questions about this one. There was such a surge of traffic that I even made it to the ‘growing’ blogs category on WordPress with this post. It was shared more than 150 times on Facebook. Hmm… who are all those people who shared it I ask myself in amazement. The name of the post is: Here’s to you Arya! It is my tribute to the girl who had the guts to walk out.

Category 3: Your most controversial post: I don’t know if I can say there has been a really controversial post. A couple of posts come to mind where there have been disagreements and rebuttals. So okay, I will choose from them and go with, Is marriage an overrated institution??

Category 4: Your most helpful post: My blog is a personal one. I write about my views and opinions. Sometimes post pictures, verse and fiction. I don’t give advice. So I am at a real loss here. Besides, isn’t it for the readers to say if any blog has been helpful to them? I don’t think I have any delusions of having helped anyone through my blogs. So I have to let this one pass. Instead, I request you one and all, readers of Shail’s Nest to please leave the name of any post you feel might have helped you.

Category 5: A post whose success surprised you: I would like to repeat that the popularity of the one I mentioned in Category 2 surprised me no end. But since that has already been taken I will mention the next one in the list: Clothing the woman.

Category 6: A post you feel did not get the attention it deserved: Hmm… yeah! There are a couple of them in this category. But I gotta choose, right? Can’t have myself throwing too many links at good people kind enough to spare some time to read, can I? So which will it be? Do I pluck daisy petals off to find? Both of them seem to have been equally neglected with the same number of comments. But, ahem, since I did not come up with a helpful post, maybe I don’t have to choose. What an idea Sirji! So here are the two posts: (1) Roots and Trees (2) The Blacks and the Whites with  Grays thrown in…

Category 7: I am really proud of this poem. Hmmm…. Another tricky one. Am I proud of my poems? I have not thought about that. Mostly I am bewildered when I go back and read them and routinely wonder, did I actually write that? Nope, not because they are so good or anything like that, but simply because I cannot believe where it came from or how. Let me try to choose one that fits the bill: I plead guilty.

Thank you TF, for giving me the opportunity through this tag to take a look and showcase some of my earlier posts.