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A tree doesn’t shout out loud in pride about the strength and efficacy of its roots, but proves the point by its own majestic bearing, solid trunk, strong branches, green leaves, beautiful and colorful flowers and luscious fruits.

Sometimes its branches are cut mercilessly, but the tree makes a miraculous come back due to the strong roots it owns.

Sometimes a storm uproots a tree, the roots not having dug deep enough into the soil to support it.

Sometimes dead branches have to be cut away, and some of the overgrown branches trimmed, so the tree might grow even better.

Sometimes termites attack the roots of the tree, and the tree, beautiful and majestic as it is, falls anyway.

Sometimes when it is known the roots are rotten and the tree might fall endangering lives, initiative is taken and the tree cut down preventing a disaster.

Sometimes, cutting away of dead branches which might fall on passers by, kill or maim them is opposed vehemently, vociferously and foolishly by a few, putting everyone in danger.

Sometimes the decay of the roots is not yet known, or is known and turned a blind eye to, and the tree falls and kills those in the vicinity.

Yet, one thing can never be disputed.

The mightiest of trees un-attacked and with the strongest of roots digging deepest into the soil will find one day that those roots have decayed and rotted over time. When that happens the tree has to fall and die anyway.

There is no fighting Time. A tree is not forever. Nothing is forever. Not even with the strongest of roots.

You cannot try and prop up a dead tree. There is no use for it. No good will come out of it anyway. Time will have its way and should have its way whether we like it or not.

New trees will sprout in its place, will grow equally strong roots, look as majestic in its bearing as did the previous one if not more, and have equally solid trunk, thick branches, greenest of leaves, lovely and colorful flowers and luscious fruits.

In spite, we still cling to dying trees with decaying roots, prop them up artificially, even contaminating the soil in the name of preserving roots, never allowing new trees to be born, a new forest to grow.

If only there was more faith in Time and its ways.

© Shail Mohan 2009