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You can call me the least ambitious. From the time I started blogging (five long years back), people have been telling me that I should “write a book”. But, I have merely laughed and gone on writing my blogs, stories and poems. You see, I am lazy in addition to not being ambitious. They were all there on my blog pages, and if someone would please come along and make something out of it, I’d have been only too pleased. That’s how lazy I am. And yet…

Sometimes some dreams steal upon you, wake you from your slothful existence and force you to act. One such dream alighted on me and woke me with its gentle touch and succeeded where a prod would not have. And so was born Love, Loss & Acceptance, a collection of verse.

All the world, they say, loves a lover. The world also identifies with and hence grudgingly so, loves heartbreak too. Who has not been touched by love? Who has not known loss? Who has not had to accept the verdict of Fate? That’s what the book is about. Love, Loss & Acceptance.

I’d like to tell you all it is the cat’s whiskers and that you should all get your copy. But when I think of how I shy away from poetry myself, I am loathe to tell my readers such things. Honestly people, I’d be thrilled if you get your copies. But I really won’t blame you if you don’t like poetry yourself. In case you muster enough courage, you can order your copies here at Pothi.com

Well, I am really at a loss to say anything more about it. This is an emotional offering rather than a cool well thought out one. It is a dream, which I had to make come true first, a promise to myself that I had to keep. I have done that. I am at peace. Wish me luck. Thank you.

There are a lot of people who I have to thank. First among them comes Usha Pisharody, you will know why when you read. All my readers who have stopped by to read and comment and commend. My thanks goes to all of you.

Updated to add: Very remiss of me. The very beautiful cover design is by the artist son, Vishakh 🙂