Its award time once again. I have been putting off writing this post for far too long. Amira of Mindblur conferred the One Lovely Blog Award in January and it is March now. I am really really sorry Amira for this unpardonable delay. But here I am, though late, displaying the wonderful award you have given me. Thank you so very much.

The recipient of the One Lovely Blog Award  is free to choose how many blogs the award is forwarded to or even not to. Well no fun in keeping it to oneself when there obviously are so many lovely blogs out there. So this award goes to all the lovely bloggers who drop in here. Please feel free to grab it and display it on your blog page.

Next, from none other than the Hopelessly Fida Over Luci, Tito and also Soma of Somkritya comes the Sunshine Award.

Now, this award entails answering some questions. So here goes:

Favourite color: All the colors of the rainbow and more. Now if you want to be more specific anything in shades of white (if that is a color), off-white, cream etc.

Favourite Animal: Well, tell me which animal is not cute? They ALL are. I love them ALL. I can watch Animal Planet for hours. But of course please exclude all the creepy crawlies. *shudders*

Favourite number: Hmm… and why would anyone want to know that ,methinks. Well, I guess my fav number is the date I was born or reborn or….? Keep guessing.

Favourite non-alchoholic drink: H2O followed by chai.

Facebook or Twitter: Err.. I am beginning to feel by the minute that someone juvenile designed this Award. Really, what question is this? FYI I am everywhere, FB, Twitter and many more.

My passion: The dark cloud and rain.

Getting or giving presents: OMG I don’t believe this. I feel like I am back in school. Errrr…. both.

Favourite pattern: Now I am literally lost. Fav pattern? What’s that?!!! Nope I don’t have any favorites.

Favourite day of the week. Aha! Anyone who is familiar with me knows it is a M-O-N-D-A-Y!

Favourite flower: Please, please don’t ask me to pick and choose from all them lovely creations out there. I love them ALL!

Phew! Done with that. And anyone in a rainy mood and in search of some sunshine, please accept the Sunshine Award from me and cheer yourselves up.

I have one request of you people. I am really sorry if anyone else of you have conferred any award on me and I have failed to put it up. Sigh, I really have got a sieve for memory these past days. So will you please ever so kindly, jog my memory? I will be ever thankful.

Thank you Amira, Tito and Soma, once again, for the lovely awards. That’s all for today! Ciao.