Hello hello hello! Welcome to one and all to my new lair.

The move from my old place was rather eventful though (ahem) rather competently managed by yours truly (just a homemaker), bar a couple of phone calls to France (yeah, France!) with no results, a lot more of them to the junior son (I practically bombarded the poor fellow with calls using him as a sounding board, trying ot make things clearer for myself), an appeal to a friend Swapan who took the trouble (so sweet of him) to find the necessary links to solve my problem but which were too complicated for poor old me (made my head spin) to understand, and finally a call to Vinita (which actually started moving things in the right direction and gave me results). How can I forget the moral support all through from my best friend, whose ears I filled with my tales of woe?

I learned quite a bit on my way during the move. I have more questions that need answers. If there are any experts willing to answer them for me (who is a true dumbo in these matters as in others, but willing to learn if spelled out in words of two syllables), please step forward and identify yourself. The act will be much appreciated and I will be eternally grateful.

In the meantime, here I am, after all the excitement, cozily ensconced in my new place, with all my posts and comments intact and Google doing its job as instructed, by redirecting old links to this new place. So it is back to work for me, writing long and boring blogs, irritating stick-in-the-mud types by questioning age old beliefs, taking a non-serious and tongue in cheek look at issues that are supposedly to be talked about in hallowed tones only (oh really?!), telling (tall?) tales, posting pictures, making fun of my family, including the dog and cats, being the practical joker and of course pulling my very own legs (yeah I know no amount of it will make me taller than my 5 feet nothing) in the process.

The onslaught continues here on the same lines as before. So brace yourself for the ride friends, foes, critics, nitpickers, praisers, lurkers, stalkers, complimenters, the lot. I love you all (well not really, not all, not the stalkers or nitpickers. Who do you think I am, a bally saint?).

So here’s wishing that you will find interesting eggs in Shail’s Nest, I welcome you all to my new lair once again 🙂