From Collages

Pepper, you made our drab lives so lively and full of joy. But you decided your time was up. Now you take your final rest beside your sister. Our evenings will never be the same again without you jumping around, clowning and making us laugh. My days will never be the same again without you impersonating Mary’s little lamb. Even from your deepest cat nap you would run after me if I so much as went to check what was on the stove. Why was that?? Did you think I’d run away leaving you behind?? But now it is you who have run away, forever, leaving us behind.

People who have never seen you even once, or you them, knew so much about you and loved you. They wrote about you, read about you and laughed at your antics. Just yesterday Ivin sent you cuddles. I have not even finished putting up the videos and pictures I have taken of you. My sons haven’t seen you yet. How could you up and leave even before that??

Where were you the whole of yesterday?? We were sick with worry. Then you come back very late, looking so ill. Was it just to say goodbye?? Goodbye Pepper. Be happy wherever you are. I hope they give you lots of fresh fish and milk. Know that you were much loved little kitteh.

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