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The other day I was with a group of women, all in their ‘prime’ by which I mean they had at least some grey hair to their credit and a few wrinkles to boot. One of us suggested that we find time to meet more often. We could do some cooking and sharing of recipes, she said. A few others enthusiastically agreed and soon a discussion ensued on the where and how of it.

Listening to the chatter, I was genuinely amused. Here were women who had spent ALL their life cooking and caring for their families (and were still doing so), and whose plans for meeting up involved doing more cooking. It tickled my funny bone that they weren’t seeing it. Not at all.

“Oh wow ladies!” I joked, “Look at you planning cooking and recipe-sharing meet-ups as if all the cooking you do already in your lives isn’t enough!”

It was said in a lighthearted way, but I was amazed too. Why not plan some games, sharing tidbits from our lives, funny incidents or something that touched us, discuss a movie or a book, learn a new activity, dance and sing, paint or draw? Of course cooking and recipe sharing could also be a part of it all, but the sole aim? No way. Also in these days of YouTube, who actually needed recipes? Like seriously!

Anyway, the irony of what I said escaped the gathered women. They, in all seriousness, tried to explain, and convince me, how rewarding an experience it all would be. Yawn.

Don’t get me wrong here people. I LOVE to cook. With almost four decades of cooking behind me (and more to look forward to), like most of the women in the group, believe me cooking is NOT what I want to do when I find time to sit with other women. Oh well. No prizes for guessing who wouldn’t be wasting her time. 😉

Shail Mohan 2023