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Today my friend Ken reminded me that my last post had been on the 2nd of April. ‘What?!!! No way!’ I thought to myself. A quick check revealed Ken was right after all.

How did/could that happen? I could have sworn it had only been ten days or at the most two weeks since I last published a post on my blog. Well, when I think about it, I know how it could have happened. I have lost count of time. A LOT has been happening. Visits, activities, get-togethers. Unfortunately, my house-help had a crisis on her hands which meant the housework needed more time too.

These are all things I enjoy, be it visits, weddings, painting workshops, meeting friends, walks, mundane housework (especially cooking), …or learning to play the electronic keyboard piano. Yes, I have gone and joined a class, can you believe it? Hectic doesn’t describe my life as of now. But a happy hectic. (The L&M jokes that I badly need a secretary or at the very least a calendar that pushes notifications to remind me of what’s in store each day)

The only sorrow in my otherwise perfect horizon had been my inability to find time to write. Posts and stories push themselves to the fore asking to be written and then disappear for lack of attention from me. Oh I have been putting up Facebook posts now and then alright. But a blog is not the same. It needs time and a peaceful state of mind. The times I found myself free either my back was hurting and I needed to lie down, or I was too tired and sleepy to let my fingers do the tap dance.

“I haven’t seen my blog in days!”

This has been my lament to the L&M this last week, and today morning too. Not that he can do anything about it. Believe me, if he could he would which is why I am glad he cannot. Anyways, I had already decided today is THE DAY that I was getting on back here. I was missing everyone and their blogs too very much. What a coincidence that my friend Ken chose to message me on the very day I planned to get back on to ask if all was well.

So here I am. All is well, thank you. I’ll take each day as it comes. Sharing a couple of my creations from the workshops I attended.

Stainless steel painting

Shail Mohan 2023