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You know what people. I am close to tears now. I wrote a really long post and the WordPress Monster just swallowed it whole and is refusing to give it up. No, I haven’t come across the monster earlier. But now I am sure there is one that prowls, and preys on unsuspecting posts about to go live.

This has never happened before to me. In fact, WordPress automatically saves the post to the clipboard. But today I cannot find it anywhere. It is not as if I accidentally trashed it, for otherwise it would be available in the trash can.

And now it is too late to write another one. Besides, I am too tired and disappointed to attempt one now.

So, see you all tomorrow when I will try to figure out just how the monster got at my post. All I was doing was adding a picture and the next thing I knew, no post. Nothing, Nyet. Nada. Zilch. Truly speaking as of now I don’t have too much hope of finding my missing post. It has probably been well and truly digested.

Just so you know, I had written a whole post on how I liked white and the L&M didn’t. Hmm… I am sincerely hoping it wasn’t him who did some hocus-pocus and made my post disappear from where he is on his side of the bed, snoring away. Nah. It couldn’t have been him. He is innocent. This is definitely the work of the WordPress Monster.

In the meantime do enjoy looking at this beautiful waterfall I clicked while on holiday in Coonoor. Yeah, I am trying to cheer myself up by looking at it.