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The best news of today is that I was able to find my lost post. For some reason it got saved as a draft to a day in April/2022. Now if that isn’t bizarre, tell me what is! I know it must have been something that I inadvertently did that sent the post back in time. Oh well. Whatever it had been, all’s well that ends well. I am so relieved right now.


That’s more than I can say about my eyes. They are giving me trouble by not having enough moisture/tears. Not enough to give it enough lubrication for its proper functioning. All the tests have been done and the results confirm the fact that I have dry eyes. Age can be the culprit, as can diabetes and I score on both counts. But there is another that can cause severe dryness of eyes. Rheumatism. That is how I found myself at the rheumatologist’s clinic yesterday.

Soon it was my turn and I was called in by the junior doctor. I was poked and prodded, fingers bent, hand stretched, legs had to be raised and folded this way and that, what’s more I was even hit with a hammer, tiny one alright, but a hammer. Along with this I had to answer about a million questions too. I answered them all, it was all towards a good cause, to find whether I was rheumatic or not.

When I walked out, the L&M was all eagerness to hear about my experience. I told him of the questions I had to answer. ‘My answers to almost ALL of the questions were a ‘No’!’ I said. I was actually quite pleased with myself since it meant I was quite okay. ‘Did she ask you ‘why are you here then?’ the man asked with a straight face making me roll my eyes.

Then I told him all about the prods and stretches and whatnot. “And oh, right at the end the doctor asked if I could touch the feet with my hands” I told him. Without missing a beat, the L&M asked, “Yours or hers?” You bet I burst out laughing forgetting that it was the waiting room of the doctor’s clinic. On that funny note, let me sign off for today. 🙂

Shail Mohan 2023