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My poor blog. Neglected. Dusty and covered in cobwebs on the inside. Weeds growing wildly in the yard. Vines creeping up its walls surreptitiously, obliterating it from view. Sigh. It is now time …to write an apology of sorts. So here goes.

Dear Blog,
I don’t know where to start…

What? Yeah, you are right. The beginning is a good place. But… ummm…and this is just a friendly query, wouldn’t that be a little too long ago a place to start? After all our relationship is atleast seventeen years old, or will be in ten day’s time.

Ahh. I see. You have all the time in the world. But..but.. That is just the problem, you see. Time is not a resource I have plenty of at the moment, dear blog. So please bear with me. What? No. No, no. I didn’t ask you to ‘bare’ with me! What do you think this is, a striptease act? I said ‘bear’! B.E.A.R. Geddit?

Eh? What now? What do you mean why am I bringing wild animals into it? What wild animals? Why wild animals? Where did wild animals come into this? All I am trying to do here, and very nicely mind you, is write a letter of apology to you and instead of hearing me out, you keep interrupting with talk of bears. Bears!

Oh, you mean you thought I meant bears, the wild ones, the black and the brown and God knows what other color bears? The ones that like honey, the ones which sometimes maul humans who stray into their territory? Lol, no. I didn’t mean ‘bear’ the animal but a different bear. You know the kind that means carry or endure or ….

What? Don’t be daft. Of course I am not asking you to carry anything, nor endure stuff. The very idea. Why would I ask you to carry anything? Do you have hands? As for enduring, other than displaying the posts I unload on you, you have pretty much nothing to do. An easy, relaxed existence, I must say.

What? You do all the hard work and I have it easy? I just have to let my fingers do the tap dancing on the keyboard? And pray, what Herculean job is yours? Sigh. I don’t know why I bother….. OMG. OMG. OMG. Look how you have been distracting me the whole time! Can you please shut up for a moment and let me finish?

Oh well, if that is how you feel, I will stop. Right now. To think I was going to write a letter of apology to you. Oh you don’t need a long letter? Just a ‘sorry’ would suffice? Why didn’t you say so earlier? Going off at tangents talking of bears! Bears, forsooth! Oh okay. I will put a a sock in it. And well, I am genuinely sorry for the neglect. I will make amends, make more time for you this year. And that’s a promise.

I know it’s almost the middle of the first month of the brand new year, but still, here it is for what its worth: Happy New Year to you dear blog! May you live long and prosper! 😉

© Shail Mohan 2023