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Headaches are a nuisance. They interfere with daily life making you lose focus and interest in things you have to get done. It is most annoying when it creeps in uninvited and makes itself at home. But I have my ways to deal with it.

Me: What the heck. Who the heck gave you permission to walk in here? Also I have given you no reason whatsoever to make yourself at home.

Headache: (disdainfully) As if I need anyone’s permission!

Me: (Indignant and not hiding the fact) Of course you need permission. My head, my rules. Haven’t you been taught to knock before you enter?

Headache: (Cackles gleefully) Knock before you enter? I heard you complaining about the lack of manners among some people who failed to knock before entering your room.

Me: Yes, I did.

Headache: And a fat lot of good it did. Right?

Me: Yeah, right.

Headache: Same here. A fat lot of good it is doing you whining about me not knocking or (in a mocking tone) ….seeking permission from Her Majesty.

Me: I DO NOT whine. The very idea.

Headache: Perhaps not. But did you notice, I have sidetracked you. (Laughs uproariously)

Me: (Taps foot in annoyance) Oh, so you think you are smart enough to sidetrack me from the main issue and also make me suffer?

Headache: Wanna bet?

Me: (Calls out to the L&M) I have a headache. Can you give me a head massage?

Headache: (Admitting defeat) You didn’t have to involve third parties in affairs between the two of us! Okay, okay, okay. I am withdrawing now. But don’t think you have seen that last of me.

Me: We’ll see about that!

Headache: Ouch! Ouch! OUCH! Why does he have to massage so vigorously?!!!! I am leaving. (Leaves in a huff)

Me: (Sighs in relief)

I now need to sleep this off. Goodnight good people!

© Shail Mohan 2022