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We have new tenants! They were seen checking out the available ‘apartments’ in the coconut tree. They were very thorough in investigating the suitability of the living quarters. Naturally so. After all this is where they would be raising their chicks and letting them out into the world as fullfledged denizens of the bird world.

They not only checked the ‘apartment’ but also the surroundings. For a moment they seemed to reflect on the advisability of living in the same neighborhood as the temperamental mynas ever ready to pick a fight. But now it looks like they have decided to hold their ground. The mynas could object all they wanted and shriek their disapproval too. They were going to ignore all the insults flung and stay put. It was a good move, for just as they had foreseen, the mynas settled down once it was certain that they, the parakeets, weren’t out to get the myna chicks.

The very idea, the parakeets couple probably sniffed dismissing the whole thing. They had their own chicks to welcome and bring up. Why would they want to get into a war with the mynas. Did they, the mynas, think they were like the humans, fighting for no reason for silly things like religion, race, caste, color and God knew what else! They were respectable members of the bird community, unrelated to the monsters called humans. And anyway look what had happened the last time they laid eggs and hatched them! Horrible humans had stolen their chicks, though there had been some good ones who tried to bat for them, they had to concede that. Not that it had done any good. Sigh.

And that’s how my dears, I happen to have new neighbors yet again. I am dancing in joy.