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I am ever indebted to my doctor who identified the problem with my feet and prescribed the solution of changing my footwear and getting custom-made insoles for them. True, I can only wear the same old kind of boring sandals due to there being a lack of variety (this lack of variety is only for the women mind you!), but when it comes to shoes, there is no dearth and I have a wide choice.

Ever since this, as far as I am concerned life-changing prescription, not only has my visit to the doctor gone down considerably I have also been walking a lot. At first they were ‘baby’ steps, by which I mean not too many steps. But by and by I could increase the number of steps taken to a reasonable count per day. Walking slowly became an intoxication, especially with music on, or an audible book. Now it has come to a situation where I chafe at a fever or general malaise that interferes with my walking routine.

After arriving in Belgrade, the very first morning, I put on my shoes, yes the same one with custom made insoles, and set out on a walk around the neighbourhood. A little into my walk what should I see but a park close to the University of Belgrade, aptly called Students’ Park. It was just the place for me, with trees, bushes and statues, not to mention dogs and their human walkers.

Two days later I changed direction and walked to the Kalemegdan Park surrounding the Kalemegdan Fort, a beautiful place indeed. It had lot more trees, statues, not to mention squirrels and of course more dogs and dog walkers. Today morning though, my walk was to the Republic Square. The sun was shining on the statue of King Michael, and unlike yesterday when the weekend crowds thronged, there weren’t too many people around.

In addition to the morning walks I have also been walking a lot along with the family sightseeing too. One day it was the Kalemegdan fort and surroundings which was a long walk indeed. Sunday evening took us to the shores of the Danube and back to the hotel. The return walk was by the way though not too much all uphill.

Sunday evening I looked at my smart watch and my eyes popped seeing the number of steps I had taken. It may not be something to crow about for others, but for someone who couldn’t even do 3000 steps in a day for a long time without feet and knee protesting, seeing the number 15835 while still feeling alright for another thousand, it was a thrilling feeling.

So here’s to my doctor, also to whoever found custom insoles, and to FootPro who made it for me. May all their tribes live long! 🙂

Note: This post is only about my morning walks in general and not the places I walked to. Those I will write about later with accompanying photographs to do justice to each.

© Shail Mohan 2020