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In one word? Awful.

It all started with a headache for one person, vomiting for another, and sore throat and cough for a third. it almost seemed that all three had different problems not the same one. But there was the fever and fatigue which was common to all.

Fortunately for me, and the others, I was still standing. No symptoms had manifested as yet. Would Covid be kind enough to let me be, I wondered. Quite unlikely, since we were all in such close proximity under a single roof. I was glad for the delay though. Hopefully one of the others would be up before it hit me, was my fervent hope.

Two days after the first person fell ill, I knew it was my time. For the next twenty four hours I suffered severe body ache. It made me wonder how people got through a week of it in the pre-vaccination days. This itself seemed so unbearable! I seriously doubted I’d survive one more day of it let alone a week. The fever and fatigue lasted longer than a day in my case, but it at least let me sleep in peace.

What amazes me about the whole experience is the variations in the manifestation of the virus in each person. No two seem to get it alike. While one sneezes and coughs another has diarrhoea, yet another partially loses smell, someone has a rash on the skin, a fourth has red eyes. A headache here, a body ache there… It goes on.

The year has started on a slightly wrong note for us. We had hardly settled down – I am still not sure where everything is in the new apartment – and there we were down with the dreaded virus. But now we are all back on our feet, myself the last, none the worse for wear, hopefully. I am back on my walks and blogging (both of which I missed tremendously)

Stay safe people, and vaccinated. The vaccine makes all the difference!

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