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When the sun shines after long haul of rain, it is time to walk outside and make the most of the opportunity. I sorely missed Luci when I stepped out.

When I looked up I saw the leaves of the guava tree looking beautiful with the sunlight filtering through them. There was a white-throated kingfisher on the top most branch of the neem tree. Down below on the ground, the weeds were growing back with a vengeance and looked like magical little upright beings in light green, their hands stretched upwards in supplication.

While I was thus occupied, someone else had eyes on me. Bulging eyes, if I may add. It was sitting on a leaf of the jasmine vine and looking up at me warily. Slowly, with no jerky movements, I fished out my phone and took a picture. It was mighty miffed at this invasion of its privacy. With a slight disapproving flick of its wings, which revealed a pretty red streak, it jumped off the leaf and disappeared.

Unfortunately I do not know its name. Do you, perchance?

© Shail Mohan 2021