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There was a light mist today morning making everything look so dreamy and ethereal. It is a gift we who live away from the city and closer to the mountains (still a long distance away) are blessed with on some days in the months December and January. Even as I watched, it slowly melted away leaving the surroundings bathed in the early morning sunlight.

Once when I talked of the beautiful misty morning I woke up to one day, the person I was talking to wrinkled their brows in disbelief. Mist? But you don’t have mist in your region, they said. I cannot say for sure what that meant. Were they implying that I was lying? Or that I was making things up (pray, for what reason?)? I found myself insisting that we do indeed have mist on some days. Hearing myself I felt utterly foolish. Why the heck should I convince anyone of what I know for a fact?

It is interesting how people disbelieve others for no reason. Why do they do that, I have often wondered. Take my example. I am not in the habit of telling imaginative tales except when I write fiction. Of course I do let my imagination run wild when I make up stories of what the dogs, cats, birds in my neighborhood are saying to each other and/or to me. I even make up lines for the inanimate objects around me to say. Woman, how about giving us a bath? We look so shabby from all the dust sticking to us. That would be the curtains talking to me.

You see what I mean? Bucketful of imagination. That’s me. But the mist? It was real. Is real.

What puzzles me is why is should matter to me. I mean what is it to me if someone disbelieved a fact I stated? I know the truth and that is all that should matter. Isn’t that so? Indeed it is. But for some reason ever since the day, whenever I wake up to a beautiful misty morning, I take pictures as if for proof. May be I think just in case I run into them and the conversation veers to mist I would be able to say, Here, take a look. Then they’d look all flustered and sheepish and go, Oh! Ahh! Well…. Yup, imagination, right?

In the meantime I enjoy the dreamy view and share the pictures on Instagram πŸ˜‰

Β© Shail Mohan 2021