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The Southern Coucal aka the Crow Pheasant gave me a fright by suddenly descending from the treetop on to the metal covering of the rain water storage well. It was intent on pecking at, I am guessing, insects. When it saw me it stopped pecking and tilting its head looked at me with beady red eyes. Friend or foe, it seemed to ask itself. The answer must have been ‘friend’ because it went back to looking for insects to feast on.

I was glad to have the scrutiny go in my favor. Passing the test meant I was allowed close enough to take pictures with my phone. Yay! Meanwhile, unaware of the tentative waving of olive branches happening outside, the dog continued snoring inside. She would have been mortified to learn of my association with her arch enemy of the bird world. Well, after crows of course, though one wonders where the peacock fits in.

I will leave you now to follow the excellent example of Luci, namely sleeping. 😉

© Shail Mohan 2021