The many dog videos I watch has given me the impression that dogs are crazy about chicken (or ‘chimken’ as they call it in the videos) and/or meat of any sort. Not so Luci. Try waving a piece of either in front of her nose and all the reaction you get, that is if you are lucky, is a twitch of her big, beautiful. cold and wet nose. She will not lunge at it, not deign to beg for it, what’s more, will not even accept it if offered!

Queen Luci shall eat only during meal times, and only from her own royal bowls, thank you! You may though offer her a piece of raw carrot which she may accept – no guarantees there, mind you – if in the right mood to eat carrots. No whole carrots please, they need to be sliced into dainty little rounds for M’lady.

That’s why I decorated the ‘cake’ with sliced carrots. You see, Luci turned ten today, and thereby has officially become the senior-most person in our home. Never mind that I have been dancing to her tune from the moment she stepped into my life, from now on she is entitled to have her way, or so she thinks. Here are a few picture to show you how things are going to be from now on.

“Oh no! Not this drama again!”

“I am not blowing any candles!”
“No use coaxing me, dad!”
“Umm.. well, if you say so dad!”
“Look, I am a good girl! Now mom can take a picture.”
“Mom blew the candles. It’s MY birthday!”

First, birthday celebrations had to be taken to floor level because she decided that’s where she wanted to be. Second, like I said, Madame Luci did not touch her birthday ‘cake’ made of minced chicken and rice, decorated with sliced carrots, not until dinner time when it was served in her bowl. She left the carrot pieces untouched. Don’t mix up my food, seemed to be the message, I will eat carrots only when served separately.

‘Of course, M’lady! Next time carrots shall not be served with the rice, M’lady! Happy Birthday M’lady! Many more to come, M’lady!” ❀

Β© Shail Mohan 2021