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The new Kindle is finally here. What with the ‘triple’ lockdown in place, anything not on the ‘essential’ list had to wait for its turn to be delivered. So it took time for it to reach me. Amazon is calling it Shail’s 2nd Kindle. Yup, there is a first one too, called simply Shail’s Kindle since it was the one and only of its times.

The first one is being sent into retirement having served me exemplarily these past years. You see, in recent times it had remodeled itself after the slowest moving snails. There I’d be all set to read, but when I took the Kindle up and tapped it would take its own sweet time waking up. The same thing happened when I was done with a page and wanted to go to the next.

Hello! How about getting me to the next page, sleepyhead? I’d ask, tapping once again in case the first one had been missed. Eh? what, what, what? the Kindle would respond as if waking from deep slumber. Oh you want the next page? Of course. Right away! After that nothing happened for a while, then slowly, very slowly, the new page would come up. I was forced to conclude it was either that the Kindle had forgotten what ‘right away’ meant or they had changed the meaning of the words since I learnt them in school.

Anyway, this wouldn’t do, not at all. I do not have all the time in the world to sit back and wait for decrepit Kindles to meditate between page turns. I wanted results, NOW! There was nothing to it but to let the old one go, and press a new one into service.

When I got my hands on the new Kindle, I found the going real smooth. I tapped on a page and it opened in a jiffy. Wow. Was this how it was supposed to be? Quick and so responsive! I almost felt like the day some years back when I drove my friend’s brand new car. Not drive exactly, but help her get it out from between two cars while parked on an incline. She was a novice and had wanted a more experienced driver, me, to accompany her on her errands. When we returned with the vegetables and she saw her car sandwiched between two others, she became nervous and requested me to take it out for her.

I got in, started the engine, and lightly stepped on the accelerator. The response was swift. Slightly alarmed, I stepped on the brakes and the vehicle Stopped Right There. I was amazed and somewhat flummoxed by this instant response. You see, at the time, I drove a second hand car, and my experience was limited to it. This your-word-is-my-command was not how my van behaved. I had to step on it, to get it to obey me. So the prompt result a light touch of the foot elicited in my friend’s brand new car took me quite by surprise and also delight. Much like the light touch of my finger on the new Kindle. The move from one page to the next was so quick and seamless.

We are going to have a wonderful time together. Shail’s 2nd Kindle and me. In the meantime I bow my head in sincere thanks to the hours of reading pleasure provided by Shail’s Kindle, and wish it happy retirement.

© Shail Mohan 2021