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It is ages since I have written nonsensical verse. Today is as good as a day as any to write some gibberish, I thought to myself. What a coincidence then that it turned out to be the word prompt of the day at Fandango’s!

Yesterday I dreamt the moon had shrunk
And was carried away by a celestial skunk
The gods were angry
They counted up to three
Then blew a fuse, creating a royal messy gunk

There lived an old man by the sea
On his bulbous nose sat a pea-sized flea
He didn’t care
Though it did scare
And made everyone who saw him flee

One, two and three are numbers
Red, green and blue are colors
Don’t confuse the two
You and, you too
They are different as butterflies from beavers

The sun took a holiday yesterday
To party with friends far away
He later called
And bawled
‘The universe is vast and I have lost my way!’

© Shail Mohan 2020