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Here is Luci, my Sleeping Beauty. She needs no Prince Charming to kiss and wake her up. Kisses she gets more than enough from her mom. As for waking up, she does that on her own. The slightest sound from the area of the front gate and she is up, barking her head off.

Who stands without? Do not enter the premises. My kingdom and my subjects. Stay where you are. I am a fierce dog and I will make mince meat of you. Umm.. not really. I am Luci, everyone loves me. I am just informing my wards that danger lurks outside. Danger, danger, danger!!! Yo dad and mom, are you hearing what I am hearing? And you at the gate, friend or foe? Identify yourself pronto!

This is the gist of what she says, but we humans hear only a dog going woof, woof woof woof and WOOF. Since I am not really a human – shhh… it’s a secret and besides I am yet to discover what I really am – I can easily understand what she is saying. Take the times the phone rings and we give directions to the person on the other side. As soon as she hears the house number, the street name and/or mention of the landmark, she starts off.

No, no, no. NO. Whoever you are, I am here, waiting for you. I know your intentions even though I have not set eyes on you, yet. You are planning on kidnapping my mom and dad. The heck you will though. Not with me around. Stop right where you are and go back. Go, back, go back. GO BACK!! Oh you are here! Dad, mom, don’t step out!!!! I got this. What, you are going out? Come back, come back dad. COME BACK! Oh you have a parcel. Let me see what’s in it! *sniff sniff sniff sniff* Okay, safe to open. But that was close. When you are done opening it, can I have the cardboard box?

But when she sleeps, Luci is not just a sleeping beauty but an angel too. Watching her one is inspired too, to sleep the sleep of the innocent. That and also the fact that my sleep score is really poor. So it is an early night today, folks. Gonna, catch up on some of that ‘poor’ sleep and make it rich. 😉

Goodnight, good people of blogosphere! 😉

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