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Isn’t the sky beautiful? This was on taken last week on the rare occasion the sun defiantly shone through a gap in the clouds, lighting up the treetops for a brief spell before it was again subdued by the dark clouds.

Old timers say September is the time for the sun to shine harshly once again after the monsoons (south-west), and before the next onslaught (north-east) of rain in October (north-east). But the rains no longer follow the strict patterns envisaged for it by those who lived much before us. Come to think of it, why should they? Everything has changed. Why do we expect them to stick to a schedule from long ago? They want change too.

Life is definitely not as we knew it hundreds of years back or even five decades back. Heck, it is not even the same as we knew it a year back. Who could have predicted this time last year that we would all be walking around wearing masks (or that some would be fighting for their right not to wear one, for that matter), keeping physical distance from each other or be washing our hands more often?

The rains do not want to be counted among the fuddy-duddies of the world who stick to a set routine, refusing to deviate an inch from it. We are as cool as they come, is the stand they have taken. And they ARE cool, believe me. I have had no need to switch on the ceiling fan since days now.

It never pours down so in September!‘ the older brigade are heard tut-tutting, that is IF you can hear them over the roar of the rain. ‘Says who?‘ the rains ask, much like me on other occasions (refer earlier blogs). ‘If we so wish, we will rain…. on your parade, and everywhere else too,’ they say, snarkily, adding, ‘And in September too. Haha!

Turning to the Arabian sea, the rains command, ‘Buddy, bring on those ‘depressions’ that aid and abet us!‘ The sea gladly obliges, (It wants change too, duh!). And thus it is that the rains, rubbing their hands in glee, got down to the job of pouring down on us this September. The trees are green, the plants are lush, the weeds and ferns are flourishing and the moss is everywhere.

Umm… Some of you might think this is all my over imagination at work. And guess what, you will be right. 😉

© Shail Mohan 2020